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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh – Đề số 14 (Có đáp án)

Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh – Đề số 14 (Có đáp án)

(1-3). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. smile    b. decide      c. discover    d. widen

2. a. coat      b. goal         c. only           d. abroad

3. a. stops    b. reads        c. laughs       d. attacks

(4-5). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.

a. lunar
b. forecast
c. solar
d. occur

a. official
b. ordinary
c. orchestra
d. optional

(6-25). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

6. The children were afraid_______ upsetting their parents.
a. of
b. to
c. with
d. in

7. ______ weekends, many people go to the countryside to have a rest after a hard working week.
a. In
b. On
c. At
d. For

8. Uncle Ho spent all his life fighting________ the Independence of our country.
a. for
b. over
c. against
d. with

9. She devoted herself entirely_________ her teaching career.
a. of
b. to
c. on
d. in

10. Mark decided to give up sport so that he could concentrate_________ his studies.
a. on
b. in
c. for
d. to

11. Too many tests and exams have put high school students under__________.
a. charge
b. guarantee
c. safety
d. pressure

12. _______I heard the telephone ring, I didn’t answer it.
a. Because
b. Only if
c. Even though
d. So

13. We’re going to lose this game_____ our team doesn’t start playing better soon.
a. if
b. unless
c. although
d. whereas

14. How far is it from your house to the school? ~ It’s about___________ .
a. 15 minutes walk
b. 15 minutes’ walk
c. 15-minute walk
d. 15 minute’s walk

15. This university has an international____________ as a center of excellent.
a. reputation
b. interest
c. tradition
d. experience

16. Let’s go out for dinner,________ ?
a. do we
b. don’t we
c. will we
d. shall we

17. The parcel ______ a week ago and it________ yesterday
a. posted/ arrived
b. was posted/ was arrived
c. was posted/ arrived
d. posted/ was arrived

18. Don’t forget______the door when you leave.
a. look
b. locking
c. to lock
d. to locking

19. Venice,______was built on water, is a city in Italy.
a. where
b. that
c. which
d. what

20. I always get a headache if I _______too much television.
a. watch
b. watched
c. will watch
d. would watch

21. Everything is going well. We_________ any problems so far.
a. haven’t had
b. hasn’t had
c. haven’t
d. Hasn’t

22. The teacher told the students to read the questions and_______ anything.
a. not write
b. not to write
c. don’t write
d. not writing

23. I’m not working tomorrow, so I ______ get up early.
a. don’t have to
b. mustn’t
c. shouldn’t
d. can’t

24. He was made ______ all of his homework before going to bed.
a. do
b. to do
c. doing
d. done

25. ‘Thanks for the nice gift!’ ‘_______’
a. In fact, I myself don’t like it.
b. You’re welcome,
c. I’m glad you like it
d. It’s my pleasure.

(26-30). Choose the bold word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

26. It’s going to (A) be rainy (B) in Tokyo, that (C) is the capital city of Japan (D) .

27. Although (A) everyone played well (B), but (C) we lost (D) the game.

28. Anne felt very happily (A) because (B) she got mark (C) 10 in math (D) .

29. Guy asked (A) Melissa whether (B) was there (C) a cafeteria nearby (D).

30. We are going to (A) take a two-days (B) trip to the (C) mountains (D).

(31-35). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

31. Water is an________ liquid, (odour)

32. Some_______ want more information about the food they buy. (consume)

33. We were_______ after doing some difficult exercises, (exhaust)

34. Her ______ was cut off when she didn’t pay her bill, (electrify)

35. Regular exercise is just as _______ as eating the right type of food. (importance)

(36-45). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Although the world’s energy (36)______ have taken many millions of years to (37)____ , we are quickly beginning to (38)_______ these supplies. Recently a UN committee reported that the world’s oil and gas (39)_________ would last about 100 years if used (40)____ . The report stated that there would be enough oil and gas for a (41)____ only if the present demand could be controlled. If the demand continued to (42)_____ , the report said that fuel supplies would last for (43)_______ than forty years. According to the report, governments must now take (44)________to control the amounts of fossil (45) that are used.

a. possessions
b. resources
c. goods
d. materials

a. supply
b. provide
c. produce
d. collect

a. exhaust
b. end
c. complete
d. extract

a. consumptions
b. powers
c. exhaustions
d. supplies

a. wastefully
b. carefully
c. regularly
d. early

a. century
b. decade
c. year
d. period

a. raise
b. present
c. grow
d. slow

a. little
b. less
c. lesser
d. least

a. ways
b. forces
c. energies
d. steps

a. sources
b. forms
c. materials
d. fuels

(46-50). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

A good deal of fascinating research has been done about the reading patterns of young people, and it is surprising to discover at what an early age children start expressing preferences for particular kinds of books. A recent report, which examined in detail the reading habits of primary-school children, showed that even seven-year-old boys and girls have clear views about what they want to read. Girls, in general, read more, and far more girls than boys preferred reading stories. Boys were showing a taste for the more instant appeal of picture stories, or else books about their hobbies.

These tastes continue unchanged until the children are teenagers. Apparently girls read more in general, but more fiction in particular. You could say that there are more opportunities for girls to read fiction: magazines encourage the fiction habit in girls in their early teens, and by their late teens, girls have probably moved on to the adult women’s magazines. Teenage boys tend to buy magazines about their hobbies: sports, motorcycles, heavy transport and so on.

46. Recent research into children’s reading has shown that they_______.
a. start to read at a very early age
b. have formed their reading tastes by the time they are seven
c. examine in detail what they read at school
d. can read clearly and distinctly in primary school

47. A close look at the reading habits of boys and girls shows that________.
a. schools give more encouragement to girls than to boys
b. magazines appeal more to boys than girls
c. Picture stories appeal more to girls than boys
d. Girls are more interested in fiction than boys

48. According to the passage________.
a. far more boys than girls are interested in love stories
b. There are more opportunities for girls to buy magazines than for boys
c. Children generally don’t care what they should read
d. Teenage boys show a taste for magazines about their hobbies

49. The word ‘fascinating’ means most nearly the same as______________ .
a. having a lot of action
b. having a lot of information
c. having great attraction
d. having great pleasure

50. Which of the following is NOT true?
a. . Girls start reading earlier than boys.
b. Girls read more than boys when they are teenagers.
c. Girls prefer reading fiction when they are teenagers.
d. Girls are usually interested in women’s magazines in their late teens.

(51-55). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

51. Not taking a difficult exam is worse than failing it.
a. It is better to fail a difficult exam than not to take it at all.
b. If one is going to fail a difficult exam, it is better not to take it.
c. To fail a difficult exam is worse than not to take it.
d. Because the exam is difficult, it is better not to take it.

52. With the help of new computer programs, we can solve many problems quickly and accurately.
a. The new computer programs are quick and accurate.
b. We can solve problems quickly and accurately without computers.
c. New computer programs have enabled us to solve many problems quickly and accurately.
d. New computer programs are not able to solve many problems quickly and accurately.

53. Shall we go for a walk?
a. We are going to go for a walk.
b. What about going for a walk?
c. We will walk together, won’t we?
d. Why we don’t go for a walk?

54. I was the last to know about the accident.
a. At last I knew about the accident.
b. I wasn’t informed of the accident at all.
c. The last thing I knew about was the accident.
d. Everyone heard about the accident before I did.

55. Take your umbrella with you in case it rains.
a. It may rain so you should take your umbrella with you.
b. You should take your umbrella because it will rain.
c. Take your umbrella with you when it rains.
d. In case of rain, take your umbrella with you.

(56-60). Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them.

56. People say that the telephone was invented by Graham Bell.

The telephone_________________________________________________

57. Will you please open the door?


58. ‘Why don’t you write to Mel, John?’, said Peter.

Peter suggested_______________________________________________

59. Joanna has been playing the piano for fifteen years.

Joanna started________________________________________________

60. Sue is the most intelligent in her class.

No one_______________________________________________________

Đáp án
1. c
2. d
3. b
4. d
5. a

6. a  7. d  8. a   9. b  10. a

11. d  12. c  13. a  14. b

15. a  16. d   17. c  18. c

19. c  20. a  21. a  22. b

23. a  24. b   25. c

26. C (which)
27. C (0)
28. A (happy)
29. C (there was)
30. B (two-day)

31. odourless
32. consumers
33. exhausted
34. electricity
35. important

36. b  37. c  38. a  39. d

40. b  41. a  42. c  43. b

44. d   45. d  46. b   47. d

48. d   49. c   50. a

51. a
52. c
53. b
54. d
55. a

56. The telephone is said to have been invented by Graham Bell.

57. Open the door, will you?

58. Peter suggested that John should write to Mel./ Peter suggested to John that he should write to Mel.

59. Joanna started playing/ to play the piano fifteen years ago.

60. No one in Sue’s class is as intelligent as her.